• Criminal law

I consider the provision of legal defense in the field of criminal law in its entirety to be my primary specialty.

• Civil law

With up-to-date preparedness and a wide range of experience in the fields of property and private law, I provide legal advice and representation primarily in the following fields:

• drawing up of property contracts and documents

• claims management

• compensation matters

• real estate law matters

• commercial law matters

• copyright law, industrial property rights, intellectual property rights, information technology law, and domain law matters

• matters concerning product liability and consumer protection

• infrastructure development matters

• data protection matters

• company representation, company registration procedure

• bankruptcy, assets sales and liquidation matters

• Public administration and labour law

I provide a complete range of services in matters concerning public administration authorities in addition to representation in disputes involving public administration and labour affairs.

• Financial and other business transaction advice

In addition to legal advice I am able to support my clients’ business activities with an extensive professional background in the following fields:

• tax

• project management

• drawing up of complex contract systems

• preparation and execution of energy projects

• preparation and execution of R&D and innovation projects

• acquisitions

• advice concerning project funding

• advice concerning applications for state and EU funding

• assayance of validity and risk of credit contracts, claims assertion against financial institutes



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